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Welcome to Zurina's Cakes, I am a humble home-based baker specializing in celebration cakes for over 15 years. 


Zurina's Cakes is now streamlined to my passion in creating luxury wedding cakes, hantaran and engagement cakes. I will no longer be serving novelty and 3D cakes. We currently offer the following options for you to choose from.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Exclusively crafted for you. We specialize in fondant and royal icing decorations in both classic and contemporary designs. Our cakes generally range from two to six tiers, carefully designed to achieve the ideal height and maximum visual impact. Learn how to get started and place your orders here.


Rental Dummy Wedding Cakes

This is our best seller, designed for clients on a budget seeking a picture perfect cake for their wedding photography. The cakes are customizable in sizes and colors to match the overall theme. There are 3 amazing designs to choose from, so do check this out!


Hantaran & Engagement Cakes

Whether it is hantaran gift for your added family or a celebration piece to mark your engagement, a beautiful luxe cake is bound to create an impression. Consider ruffles, pearls, initials and fine sugar crafted elements to match the theme or your personality. Click for sizes, pricing and other details.


Buttercream and plain cakes

For other special occasions and events, we offer single tier cakes that come in two signature flavors - Pure Butter and Moist Chocolate. Select either plain or decorated in buttercream of choice.


Let's Get Started!

You can approach me at any time for personalized one-on-one discussions to craft the cake you envision. With your ideas and my experience, we can tweak and blend different designs to create your own masterpiece. If you have any enquiries, PLEASE contact me directly via Whatsapp

Zurina's Cakes is based in Putrajaya, Malaysia and services the entire Klang Valley.


We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. However, due to existing commitments, we will not be able to work with you if your wedding day falls on:

June 20 - July 10

October 5 & 26

November 23

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